Encore Brand Lacrosse provides the opportunity to all people to experience the inspirations of lacrosse culture. We deeply appreciate that lacrosse has a tradition older and more profound than we might ever know, and constantly strive to contribute positivity. Encore’s foundation of elite training philosophy and methodology is used in our spectrum of offerings, from specialized training, camps and teams to national recruiting tournaments, classically modern apparel and international non-profit tours. Encore’s roots began on the “last frontiers” of Philadelphia, a nickname for under-served urban areas, and we continue to provide hope for the last frontiers across the globe.

All of our programs are inspired from our tagline: Action is Character and the Encore ACTION Credo:

Action – Creation is the object of doing.  

Communication – Listening is key to meaningful interaction.

Training – The top players earn their place through quality reps.

Intensity –  Elite performance requires focus and determination.

Open – Every situation presents an opportunity to learn.

Now – Action only happens in the present.