INTERVIEWS | Kyle Harrison

I appreciate it! Certainly a long time coming, thats for sure. The ankle scenario was a pretty wild one as it all came on so quickly. I took my normal time off after the 2016 season like always to give my body a rest, and as training ramped back up to prepare for 2017 training camp, my ankle just wasn’t feel healthy. After an MRI & X-rays it turned out I had been playing on torn ligaments & torn cartilage since late 2014. So, surgery April 3rd, back on the field June 10th.


As far as the longevity of my career, I’ve just tried to take car of my body. Eat the right stuff (though I do love my treats every now and then), water, take the time to recover, and generally just listening to my body. For the most part, I’ve been pretty fortunate injury wise as the ankle surgery was my first (and hopefully my last) of my entire career. 

I think in most of the up and coming areas, the general trend is you’ve got guys from the east coast who played at a high level, moving to the area and starting to teach fundamentals from the very beginning. Anyone thats ever played this sport is passionate about helping the game to continue to grow, so it’s nice to get to Charlotte and see guys like Ryan Flanagan (UNC, Long Island Lizards) running a number of different programs to move the sport along in the Charlotte area.

With two kids at home, a handful of new business ventures, and commitments to sponsors/partners, I’m not doing too much coaching these days unfortunately. I still get involved with the West Coast Starz teams at a few recruiting tournaments a year, as well as run events at the Sports Academy out in Thousand Oaks LA. But, as far as consistently coaching a team, it’s not on the radar right now. I’m excited as I’ve partnered with 247 Lax (Ryan Flanagan) to run my first event locally here in Charlotte, which is a 7 week shooting program. Fired up to get to work with the local talent. 

As a guy who lived on the west coast for almost a decade, I really enjoyed my time working with the growing lacrosse community out there and feel somewhat responsible to continue to help contribute to it’s growth. When I was approached about the Las Vegas Lacrosse Show, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to stay connected to the west coast lacrosse community, and secondly, have the opportunity to create a really unique lacrosse experience for those who attend. From the Day Camp, to the vendors, to the lectures to the game on Sunday, I strongly believe the event has something for everyone. 

Well, when you put players like Liz Hogan, John Christmas, Scott Rodgers, Sloane Serpe, Tucker Durkin and Myles Jones on the field, you’re going to get a first class product in terms of the coaching at our Day Camp. Each player has accomplished so much in the sport, and has a passion for teaching the next generation of players the right way to play the game. 

My father was my first coach, and probably my most influential in that he’s still critiquing me to this day (literally still tells me things I could be doing in MLL games this summer). But, outside of my family, the coaching staff at Hopkins (Coach Petro, Coach T, Coach Dwan, Coach Allan) shaped the way I approach every thing I do in life. What was so unique about that staff, is they all had different personalities, but were all effective in connecting with players and getting the best out of their players. So, as a player, you got to pull things from all of them and implement things into how you approached the game (and life). 

Absolutely. I don’t get after folks as much as the big guy, but, as I said, the group has influenced everything I do. On and off the field.

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