I really never knew this is what I wanted to do… I just really fell into this great profession.  I love what I do and it feels amazing to work with these incredibly driven and talented young men at my alma mater.

Wow. You hit the nail on the head with this one. We do individual skills for the first 1/2 of practice almost every day.  We can never do enough. Running through tough gb’s with two hands, throwing the ball to the outside shoulder, and shooting overhand and some of the many basic things we drill on a day to day basis.

Training— Practice is our training.  Yes we can have you run and lift, but if you are not in shape when practice begins then you are in trouble.  In practice the conditioning is found in every drill we do.  Those who are not in shape suffer or fall behind.

Athleticism and fearless positive energy are two major things I love to have in a goalie. Saves are great, but if I have a athletic goalie who moves well that is something I can work with. Fearless— this is a word I use a ton… You have to be fearless when facing shots of this caliber.

It has been different for sure. The will to win is the same, but the commitment to the extra work for the ACC players is extremely high.  Also with the ACC we just practice a ton more than we did in the Ivy league— Ivy league rules prohibit starting before Feb 1 in the Spring, and allow for fewer practices in the fall.  I liked the way things were in the Ivy League, but in the ACC we get more time on the field— and as a coach that is where I love to do my work!

I love it because it is the way I have always played. I love the fast paced style of UVA when I played there and afterwards the MLL had the shot clock which forced fast play.  I would advise someone trying this style to understand that you need offensive players who want to play defense!!!  If you don’t have buy in on the defensive side of the ball then you will struggle stopping anyone.  Yes, play fast, but that goes both ways!