Fields of Growth aims to harness the passion of the lacrosse community into positive social impact through global leadership development, service and growing the game.

SERVICE // FOG seeks to expose high school and college students to the beauty, challenges and opportunities in the developing world. Through FOG’s Lacrosse Volunteer Corps (LVC), they help young leaders develop an informed worldview. FOG is also intentional about creating an environment where you are involved in intelligent conversations surrounding everything from China’s development efforts in Africa to the impact of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in post-colonial Jamaica.

EDUCATION // At the very core of the Fields of Growth mission is the desire to serve and uplift in a spirit of human solidarity. They strive to do all service as a Family of Friends on a Mission of Accompaniment with community partners. In an interdependent world we know that we when we are in service to others, we are very consciously in service to ourselves. Ubuntu – “I am because of who we all are.”


GROWING THE GAME // The world needs more young leaders inspired to harness their passions into positive social impact. Fortunately the lacrosse community, as a family of friends has an unparalleled sense of responsibility to grow the game. No other sport really comes close.

“I don’t think there is any sporting community in the world quite like the lacrosse community,” says Kevin Dugan. “There is just something special about the game, the spirit of the game, and the type of people that are drawn to it. The lacrosse community is a really positive group, a group that is in love with their sport – and we all feel this moral obligation to share that (the game) with other people.”