Encore @ SF Environment Workshop

Zero Waste Event Workshop

— published on: March 21, 2018

Encore’s production and event teams visited the financial district of San Francisco to meet with the City’s SF Environment agency to take part in the Zero Waste Event Workshop, hosted in the beautiful Hudson building whose offices they share with tech titans Uber and Square.  The event’s purpose was to bring together both City and private industry leadership to share ideas on how to get closer to the reality of hosting zero waste events in San Francisco and beyond.  San Francisco is a global leader in both ordinance and advocating “green living” as not only an option, but a way of life to offer a cleaner environment and a better future for ourselves and our children.  
The event featured speakers from SF Environment, Recology (provides waste, recycling and compost transportation for SF based events) Eco Imprints (compostable single use plate and utensils) Steely’s (provides branded reusable cups for events such as the Outside Lands Festival, US Pure Water, (make water refill stations to help eliminate single use plastic bottles at events) and Food Runners, (who help events rescue edible food waste from events).  Each of these organizations have made it their mission to not only make the environment a cleaner, greener place, but also to help event providers offer a better service and experience for their attendees — a WIN-WIN!
Encore is proud to offer two world-class events in the City of San Francisco: Battle of the Bay (4th weekend of June), and the King’s Showcase (3rd weekend of January).  Both events are hosted in Golden Gate Park at the Polo Grounds and Beach Chalet Fields, right off of Ocean Beach.  We look forward to offering more ZERO WASTE options for players and families at our events.
Please also check out our other initiatives to help reduce our carbon footprint, including our partnership with ReLax Collections, which collects and redistributes used lacrosse equipment and uniforms.