Denver City Lax (DCL) works to create opportunities for inner-city youth in the Denver area. Through promoting values of respect, tolerance, hard work and sportsmanship, DCL aims to lay the foundation for future success in high school, college and life. The organization is guided by the philosophies below.

OPPORTUNITIES // The sport of lacrosse can provide both on the field and classroom lessons. The educational opportunities associated with lacrosse – from elementary school through college, are numerous.


VALUES // A sports program can provide the framework to teach character, and to promote the values of honesty, kindness, generosity, equality and respect. DCL also aims to lay the groundwork for the importance of a healthy lifestyle.


COMMUNITY // Providing opportunity and building character in our youth is essential and important to raising community leaders of today and tomorrow. DCL provides the students the chance to capitalize on the opportunities lacrosse can offer at all levels of education and the years beyond.