INTERVIEWS | Chris Packard

Chris Packard

Huntington, NY aka The ‘Ton

Sometime in the 3rd grade, and shortly thereafter I heard from my brothers friends that you could cook the head of your stick to make it throw more accurately.  I baked the stick in my parents oven and that was probably the only time in my life I could shoot accurately.  I pinged a corner in my front yard while the head of my Excalliber was still warm from the oven and I was hooked.  I didn’t get serious about the game until HS but I loved playing lacrosse with my friends, except for when they’d trick me into picking up GBs so they could deck my onto my backside! 

I went to Harborfields HS.  The Millon brothers went to Harborfields and their sister Tracy was in my class (had she been on the guys team my HS career would have been a whole lot different!).  They were the best around and Tony played the game w such a passion and Mark with such adroit skill that you couldn’t help but watch, even if you were a baseball player like me.

I didn’t have a single job prospect coming out of college but I wanted to surf so I moved to LA and in a roundabout way realized I had way more in common w the bay area. 

15 years at SI (I know because they gave me a plaque last year), the only place I’ve ever coached.  I’m really proud of that, that and the fact that I’ve been coaching SI Varsity w Coaches Abou & Brittain, 2 guys I coached as players when they were at SI, for a decade.  I love the chemistry we have and the heat we’re able to give one another.  Every spring day I wake up looking forward to going out to SI to get after it with them and our boys.
Dave Giarrusso (now the head cheese at Seton Hall Prep) and Greg Angilly (coach at Cape Henry Collegiate) were 2 guys I coached with who helped foster my love of coaching and how we, as coaches, can positively impact players on many different levels.  Coaches Pietramala, Tambroni & Deluca taught me how to hold onto the intensity of playing through coaching, and to try and do things the right way all the time (which is impossible for me but an awesome end-goal).   And certainly men like Ben Horn & Kevin Downs who stand in harms way and protect our freedom.

Do away with the offset head.  These kids watch video of me and make fun of my style, they need to recognize and I wanna see more helicopter kayak one handed ding dong checking from short sticks & long sticks (right Coach Abou??)

I hope that they say the kids humble and polite and poised to make society better.