SPORTSWEAR | Accessories

5-Panel Hat

The 5-Panel Hat is a modern style construction, with a buckle back to fit any size required by the customer. Embellishment opportunities are endless as you can customize all 5 panels. 

6-Panel Hat — Flat

The 6-Panel Flat Brim Hat is a lifestyle hat, worn to show your team’s colors and logos. It is offered as a snap back or flex band fitted styles.  

6-Panel Hat — Curved

The 6-panel curved hat is a classically styled hat. Offered as a snap back or as a flex band fitted styles. The customization is more limited in this style as it is a pre-constructed hat.

Boonie Hat

The Boonie Hat is designed to protect the face and neck of coaches and athletes when spending long hours on the field. It has mesh at the top of the cap to allow heat to pass through keeping the head cool. 

Skull Beanie

The Skull Beanie is a traditional piece and can be sized 7 or 9 inches in length. It’s knit construction can be embroidered to show you team logo. 

Cuff/Pom Beanie

The Cuff/Pom Beanie is a thicker and warmer beanie. It is fully customizable, with the color of the beanie, pom, as well as embroidery on the cuff all available in team colors and design.

Untied Headband

The Untied Headband is perfect for players needing to keep hair out of their face, and sweat off the brow. This one size fits all headband ties together as the back closure. It is made from ActionTek fabric and is fully customizable.

Connected Headband

The Connected Headband provides a snug fit, and works great underneath a helmet or goggles. This one size fits all headband is made from ActionTek fabric and is fully customizable.

Airport Socks

The Airport Sock is mainly used off the field as a lifestyle sock. Aptly named as you always say hi to someone wearing lacrosse gear at the airport! The foot-bed and upper tube of the sock are available for knit customization. 

Performance Socks

The Performance Sock is for on field use. The compression strap on the top of the foot and additional padding on the bottom allow for maximum comfort. The padded foot-bed and upper tube of the sock are available for knit customization.

Hybrid Socks

The Hybrid Sock offers the best of both worlds when it comes to form and function. The foot-bed is made of padded cotton to protect the athlete’s foot while competing in a rigid cleat. The upper tube is polyester and fully sublimate-able, allowing for maximum team customization.

Revelation Bag

The Revelation Bag is the ultimate in dry gear technology, featuring a waterproof vinyl shell, waterproof zipper, and durable nylon strap. An inner compartment allows you to keep items separated for travel or after a muddy game. The Revelation Bag is available in 9 team colors, and can screen printed with your team’s logo.

Classic Duffle

The Classic Duffle is built to last over multiple seasons — constructed from sturdy canvas and nylon straps, this traditional bag features a one large compartment to fit all of your gear, plus room to spare.