• January 19th – 21st



  • HS Boys Elite (2018-2021)
  • HS Boys Open (2019-2021)
  • HS Boys Rise (2020, 2021)
  • 2022 Boys
  • 2023 Boys
  • 2024/2025 Boys (10U)


  • Each team is guaranteed five (5) games with championship bracket on Sunday. 
  • Trophies and medals are handed out to each division champion. We have certified referees and certified trainers for every game.
  • NCAA and MCLA college coaches present for recruitment and meet/greet (more details below)
  • Boys High School Elite All-Star Game guest coached by NCAA/MCLA coaches
  • Back on the big screen in 2018 – all weekend NFL Playoff games!!
  • Sponsored coaches event at Beach Chalet restaurant (Saturday night)


  • Boys Divisions:  $2000/ team
  • Boys 10U division: $1400/team

NCAA and MCLA College Coaches:

  • We will have 18 college recruiters in attendance at the King’s Showcase. Most of them are the head coaches of their program and will be at the meet and greets.

College Coaches in Attendance (2017)

  • UC Davis—Head Coach Frank Resetarits
  • Humboldt State—Head Coach Tony Silvaggio
  • University of The Pacific—Head Coach Jerem Stothers
  • BYU—Head Coach Marty Wescott
  • University of Nevada—Head Coach Chris Tatro
  • Sonoma State—Head Coach Panchito Ojeda
  • Diablo Valley College—Head Coach Drew Welch
  • Sierra Nevada—Head Coach Matt Blamey
  • Dominican University—Head Coach Samuel Vogel-Seidenberg
  • Loyola Marymount—Head Coach Chris Wells
  • St Mary’s College—Head Coach Christopher Calvarese
  • Santa Clara University—Head Coach Greg Mengis
  • Notre Dame de Namur University—Head Coach Jon Black
  • San Jose State—Head Coach Larry Boehm
  • UC Berkeley—Head Coach Ned Webster
  • Long Beach State—Head Coach Chris Brignola
  • USC—Assistant Coach Don Bowers
  • Chico State—Head Coach Josh Roden

Meet and Greet

  • Date: TBD
  • Times:
    Meet and Greet #1: TBD
    Meet and Greet #2: TBD
  • Location: Beach Chalet Fields

High School All Star Game

  • Date: TBD
  • Time: TBD
  • Location: TBD
  • Details: TBD

Hotel & Car Rentals

Mill Valley Holiday Inn Express

Room Types

  • Single or Double  $145 (1 King or 2 Queens)
  • Triple $165
  • Quad $185

Specials – Room Extras

  • Complimentary Hot Breakfast
  • Mini Fridge
  • High Speed internet
  • Check in 3pm – Check out Noon
  • DVD Player and library
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Frantoio Ristorante on site dining
  • Bike Rentals, Fitness center, Business Center
  • Located near base of Mount Tamalpais, 15 minute drive to the Polo Fields through beautiful Marin County & Golden Gate Bridge (9 miles from fields)

Choice Hotel Great Highway Inn

Room Types

  • 1 King $119
  • 2 Queen $129
  • 3 Queen room $139

Specials – Room Extras

  • Less than 1 Mile from the Beach Chalet & 1.4 Miles from Polo Fields
  • Check in 4pm – Check out 11am
  • Microwave and Mini Fridge
  • Ocean View Rooms available
  • Across street from Ocean Beach
  • One Block from Public Transport
  • Lots of local Dining options in walking distance
    (Parking, Room types, and Views based on availability)

Courtyard Marriott Union Square

Room Types

  • 2 Double Bed rooms $199

Specials – Room Extras

  • 5 miles from fields
  • $75+ per night savings!
  • Mini Fridge
  • Comp wireless
  • Business Center & Fitness Center
  • Table 761 on site with Starbucks and light bites
  • Heart of Downtown San Francisco near city’s famous attractions: Cable Cars, Ghirardelli Square, & Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Hotel opened in September 2015 in restored early 20th century building



For King’s Showcase Travel and Accommodations:
Cell Phone: (480) 560-1938


King’s Showcase Rules

Polo Field Rules

To keep the Polo Grounds in top form, the City of San Francisco does not allow spectators to be in the field. Only players, coaches and tournament staff will be allowed on the field. All spectators will watch the game from outside the fence which runs around the perimeter of the Polo Grounds. We are planning to set up the fields so they run along the fence for optimal viewing. We will do everything possible to make sure spectators have a great experience watching the games. Coaches, please abide by the following:

  • All team “camps” and tent set ups must be set up on the outside of the Polo field. No camps will be allowed on the actual field.
  • Teams are not allowed to warm up on the extra space of the Polo field.
  • Players and club coaches are only allowed on the field during their game time and 10 minutes before game time. Please escort your team back off the field immediately after your game.

* Thank you for your help to make sure we abide by the City of San Francisco’s strict usage rules. With your cooperation, we will be able to enjoy the wonderful space in beautiful Golden Gate Park.

Regular Games

No Coin‐Toss or Line‐Up before games—AP determined by winner of first face-off


  • Game time will start promptly as scheduled even if teams are not yet ready to play
  • Two 22 minute running time halves
  • 4 Minute Half Time
  • Referees will keep time on the field


  • Penalty time will be running time and a half


  • No time-outs are allowed.


  • Face-offs will be conducted using the “down”, “set” cadence

Stall Warning: 

  • Last two minutes of the second half, the winning team will be warned to “keep it in the box.”  Teams will have 20 seconds to clear over the midline, and 10 seconds to get in the box from the midline.


Sudden death format- One 10 minute period.  Game ends in tie if no score.   

2017 Rain Rule Update:  No Overtime—non playoff games end in a tie.


  • Men’s Elite and Masters:  No counts except the 4-second goalie count
  • College:  normal college counts
  • HS and U-14:  20 seconds to clear, 10 seconds to the box.  U12 and U10:  No counts.

Semi Finals and Finals

  • No Coin‐Toss or Line‐Up before games—AP determined by winner of first face-off
  • Two 22 minute running time halves
  • 4 Minute Half Time
  • Last 2 minutes of each half will be stopped time
  • One 1‐min team time out per half that stops the game clock (and penalty time) CHAMPIONSHIP GAME ONLY.

Overtime for Semi Finals and Finals

Sudden victory will follow the completion of a tied game. The sudden victory period will be 4 minutes of running time with no time outs allowed.  Goal defended will remain the same for the first overtime and exchanged each period thereafter.  A face off/draw will begin each period with a 1‐minute break between periods.

In the event of a TIE (in the standings) the tie will be settled using the following format.

  1. 1. Win vs. Loss Record
  2. Head to Head Record
  3. Highest plus minus record (overall)
  4. Lowest Goals against (overall)
  5. Most Goals (Overall)

NOTE: Stats will be based on all games played, not just vs. the teams tied.