• • July 2nd – 3rd, 2018



  • • Each team is guaranteed five (5) games with championship bracket on Tuesday. 
  • • Trophies and medals are handed out to each division champion. We have certified referees and certified trainers for every game.
  • • Coaches Reception at local restaurant.
  • • Hawaii Classic awards the Mahalo Lacrosse Scholarship to support the Aloha Youth Lacrosse Association (AYLA).
  • • Local vendors provide food and amenities.
  • • Hotel accommodation and concierge.
  • • Beach access 150 yards away.


  • • High School Boys
  • • Middle School Boys
  • • High School Girls
  • • Middle School Girls


  • • All Divisions:  $1500/team
  • • Free Agents: $175/player

Mahalo Lacrosse Scholarship

Encore is excited to help establish the Mahalo Lacrosse Scholarship to support the AYLA. For 12 years the AYLA has been focused on developing youth lacrosse players in Hawaii. The needs for resources of all sorts continually grow as more and more kids are joining the sport.


To find out more about how you can help or donate, please contact JC@EncoreBrand.com

Hotel & Car Rentals

Hyatt Place Waikiki – Best Value!

Three Beds and Complimentary Kitchen Skillet breakfast


$259 per night – 2 Queen & Sofa bed, no additional fees to 4 adults (17 & up), NO RESORT FEES – Comp Wi-Fi & DSL – Mini Fridge – Coffee/Tea maker, Happy Hour 4-7pm, A/V Station, 24 hour Gym, Business Center, 24 Menu & market, Remote printing.


Less than 1 mile from fields – Connecting rooms available
Less than ¼ mile from Waikiki Beach

Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel

$195 per night – 2 Double Beds – double occupancy ($40 Additional adult 17 & up)
Amenity fee $25 includes Wi-Fi & DSL, Coffee Maker, Fitness center, Play Station, Daily Newspaper, Beach Bag amenity.
On Site TIki’s Grill & Bar, Wolfgang Puck’s Express, Subway, Jamba Juice, Cookie Corner, Ku’Ai Market


Less than 1 mile from fields, across the street from Waikiki Beach.

Queen Kapiolani Hotel

$145 per night – 2 Double Beds – double occupancy ($25 additional adult 17 & up)
Hospitality Fee $14.95 includes Wi-Fi  Mini Fridge, Coffee maker,  Beach Towels & Chairs, Business Center, FloWater filling station


Bike Rental service, Tour Services, Kulana Terrace Restaurant, The Deck Wikiki Pool Bar. Gift Shop.


Less than 1 mile from Fields (closest location), 1 Block from Waikiki Beach.

For Hawaii Youth Lacrosse Classic Travel and Accommodations: dsadams@travelleaders.com
Cell Phone: (480) 560-1938


All Hotels’ room prices do not include taxes or city fees.


Hawaii Youth Lacrosse Classic Rules

Basic Conduct Rules

  1. There will be zero tolerance for racist, homophobic, sexist or derogatory language of any kind. This includes on the field, off the field, in the stands, players, coaches and spectator. If this type of language is heard, that person will be asked to leave the tournament immediately. Please make sure this tournament is a hate-free environment and enjoyed by everyone.
  2. There will be no fighting allowed at any time. If a player punches another player during a game, he will be ejected from the game and/or the tournament. Refs will brief the tournament director after the game. The director will then determine if the ejection is for that game only or the rest of the tournament.
  3. There will be no “takeout checks” allowed. Players are to play the ball at all times. A takeout check is defined as a body check in which a player lowers his head or shoulder with the force and intent to put a player on the ground. While we understand that these checks are often legal and a part of the game, we don‘t want a serious injuries in an off-season tournament right before spring season. A takeout check will be given a 120 second running time penalty. If a player gets called for 3 “takeout checks” in one game, that player will be ejected from the tournament. If this happens, the refs will notify the tournament director.
    Note: The tournament director will have the final say in any incident involving rule #1, #2 and #3. No refunds will be given in the case of an ejection.
  4. All sticks must be legal according to current high school standards and rules. If a stick is found to be illegal (1 minute or 3 minute), that stick will stay at the penalty box for the rest of the game. All stick penalties will be given a 90 second penalty (even for a 3 min penalty). 
  5. Sportsmanship: Verbal abuse of referees from players, coaches or spectators will not be tolerated. Flagrant violations may result in a team disqualification at the tournament director’s discretion, No refunds will be given to any team kicked out of the tournament.
  6. All other rules will be called consistent to current CIF high school rules.

Regular Games

No Coin‐Toss or Line‐Up before games—AP determined by winner of first face-off


  • • Game time will start promptly as scheduled even if teams are not yet ready to play
  • • Two 22 minute running time halves
  • • 4 Minute Half Time
  • • Referees will keep time on the field


  • • Penalty time will be running time and a half


  • • No time-outs are allowed.


  • • Face-offs will be conducted using the “down”, “set” cadence

Stall Warning: 

  • • Last two minutes of the second half, the winning team will be warned to “keep it in the box.”  Teams will have 20 seconds to clear over the midline, and 10 seconds to get in the box from the midline.


Sudden death format- One 10 minute period.  Game ends in tie if no score.   

2017 Rain Rule Update:  No Overtime—non playoff games end in a tie.


  • • Men’s Elite and Masters:  No counts except the 4-second goalie count
  • • College:  normal college counts
  • • HS and U-14:  20 seconds to clear, 10 seconds to the box.  U12 and U10:  No counts.


Semi Finals and Finals

  • • No Coin‐Toss or Line‐Up before games—AP determined by winner of first face-off
  • • Two 22 minute running time halves
  • • 4 Minute Half Time
  • • Last 2 minutes of each half will be stopped time
  • • One 1‐min team time out per half that stops the game clock (and penalty time) CHAMPIONSHIP GAME ONLY.

Overtime for Semi Finals and Finals

Sudden victory will follow the completion of a tied game. The sudden victory period will be 4 minutes of running time with no time outs allowed.  Goal defended will remain the same for the first overtime and exchanged each period thereafter.  A face off/draw will begin each period with a 1‐minute break between periods.

In the event of a TIE (in the standings) the tie will be settled using the following format.

  1. Win vs. Loss Record
  2. Head to Head Record
  3. Highest plus minus record (overall)
  4. Lowest Goals against (overall)
  5. Most Goals (Overall)

NOTE: Stats will be based on all games played, not just vs. the teams tied.