FUNdamental Coaches

We are excited to bring you the best coaching available to youth players in the Bay Area. Our coaches have a vast knowledge of the game and outgoing personalities that help every new player feel at home on the field. Many of our coaches got their start with lacrosse in an Atherton Lacrosse Camp, and have gone on to excel at their local high school, and college teams. Our coaches are dedicated students, mentors, and community leaders.

Becoming a Coach

We are excited to get new coaches involved in our camps.

If you are over 18 and interested in becoming a Fundamental Coach, please email your name and that you want to become a Fundamental Coach. We will email you an application right away!

If you are under 18 years old and are interested in coaching, join our CIT team.

What is a CIT?

CIT stands for Coach In Training. These are comprised of high school lacrosse athletes ages 14-18 that are interested in learning how to coach, developing their leadership skills, and improving their own lacrosse knowledge and skill sets. Each summer camp session has a limited number of CIT positions available, and CIT’s work directly under Atherton coaches and Directors throughout each camp or class.


Why become a CIT?

Most adults know through their experiences that teaching is often the best method of learning. This simple concept is often overlooked in the traditional education system and not always taught in the classroom. The Atherton CIT program is an opportunity for high school lacrosse athletes to gain experience as mentors and leaders in an environment that is positive, fun, and continues to expand their confidence in an important area of interest to them: the lacrosse field. Many Atherton Lacrosse coaches and directors started as campers and CITs, and coaches that go through our training program are given the first opportunity for summer coaching jobs.


How much does it cost?

It doesn’t cost anything! There is no tuition or camp fee for Coaches in Training. CITs are given a gift of lacrosse apparel and equipment.


How do I become a CIT?

Simply email Encore ( that you are interested in becoming a CIT. We will email you an application right away!

Returning Coaches

If you are a returning coach, please email with your name, the location you’d like to coach, and the dates you are available. The subject line should be – Fundamental Returning Coach.

Success Stories

MEET TOMA DUFFICY!  Toma first learned the fundamentals of lacrosse during one of our Encore Lacrosse Fundamental summer camps in the North Bay.  He attended the camp with one of his friends and fell in love with the game of lacrosse.  He loved the game so much that he started playing for the Central Marin Blue Jays youth club team and now plays for the boys varsity lacrosse team at Redwood High School.  When he is not playing for Redwood High School, he gives back to the local community by coaching our Encore Lacrosse Fundamental Lacrosse Summer Camps, and spreading the game to the next generation of kids.

Interview by: Neil Butterfield
Interviewee: Toma Dufficy
What sports did you play growing up?
  • Before I played lacrosse I was a big baseball player.  I also competed in swimming for a few years.  I stopped playing both sports once I injured my shoulder, but I continued playing lacrosse.  I played baseball my freshman/sophomore years and lacrosse since I was a freshman.  I am now going into my senior year on the lacrosse team. 
What got you interested in playing lacrosse?
  • I hurt my arm playing baseball and was unable to pitch and had to take some time off.  During this time a friend of mine introduced me to lacrosse and gave me a stick for free and I started experimenting with the sport.  I really enjoyed the sport and joined the Central Marin Blue Jays and also went to some lacrosse camps.
How did you hear about the Encore Fundamental Camp?
  • Encore President, Neil Butterfield, told me about the camps.  I went to one of the camps along with another friend of mine and had a blast!
Why do you think you were able to pick up across as a freshman and make varsity so quickly?
  • My hand eye coordination which I strengthened throughout baseball played a role in my ability to pick up the sport so quickly.  Also I put in a lot of work over the summers to get better both at lacrosse but also to increase my athletic ability because I was pretty slow my freshman year, which made it hard to keep up with some of the older kids on the team.  Also the coaches at Redwood HS spent a lot of time on perfecting the fundamentals before getting into anything complicated. 
What position do you play and what are some of your strengths?
  • Throughout my lacrosse career I have played every position other than goalie.  In the past years I have been primarily a midfielder but as of this summer I have made the transition to long pole and have been playing both long-stick midfielder and close defense.  My strength is my ability to pick up new things fairly quickly, whether it is a new position or a new set play.  I welcome criticism of my play because this is a way for me to improve and learn from others.  
What is your favorite thing about the sport of lacrosse?
  • I love the team camaraderie that the sport creates and the friendships you make by playing with others.  I also enjoy getting outside and running around with my friends.  For me lacrosse offers an escape from the rigorous academic life of a high school student and allows me to forget about my work for a few hours and just enjoy playing lacrosse. 
Do you have plans to stay involved in lacrosse after high school?
  • I am interested in playing on a college club team or intramural team.
What type of practice and training habits do you have outside of the lacrosse season starting in ninth grade?
  • Freshman year, I focused mostly on agility and cardio as I was quite slow.  For the most part I would run the stairs in Larkspur as they are right next to my house.  Other than that, I would constantly hit the wall or shoot with my friends.  We would bring a speaker and a bag of balls and spend a few hours every weekend playing lacrosse on our own outside of normal team practice. 
What are your personal goals for your senior year lacrosse season?  What would you like to see your team accomplish?
  • I would like to do all I can to help my team win this year, especially on defense. We have a young goalie in cage, and I want to make sure he’s protected and put him in a better opportunity to succeed.  One thing I need to work on is getting more physical when guarding someone/ going for groundballs.  I want to see us win MCALs this year because it’s about time we take it to Marin Catholic. 
What are your plans for college next year?
  • I’ve applied to a fair amount of universities but have only head back from two so far.  I’m not sure yet where I’ll end up.  I’m looking to go somewhere away from home.  In terms of majors and whatnot I don’t know yet what I want to do for certain. 
What areas of study or professional interests do you currently have?
  • Currently I’m very interested in economics and entrepreneurship as well as environmental studies.  I hope to be able to combine these two interests into my career.  Ideally I would be doing something structured around my love for the outdoors as well as my interest in economics.